Monday, January 11, 2010

goodness, it's been a while.

i have been pouring over photographs from our wedding and our airstream cross-country journey with a feeling of nostalgia--already!!! i mean, it was all so exciting and spectacular that i want to perpetuate my lingering glow for as long as possible. one way to do that is to continue wedding planning, for other people. maybe i'll get over the wedding withdrawal eventually, but for now i will continue to allow myself to browse my favorite wedding and design blogs under the guise of assisting all the recently engaged ladies around me! all the research each bride does should not be buried in a binder under boxed up wedding trinkets. and so, i feel no shame in paging through the latest issue of martha stewart weddings with the security that my wedding was my absolute favorite party--complete with every detail i imagined, and that the world of new engagees may need one more enthusiastic weddingophile. brides to be, step on up!

1 comment:

  1. Melissa! You would be THE best wedding planner. Ooohhh! You and Jessie should team up and be a powerhouse wedding planner duo.