Saturday, May 14, 2011


i know, i know. just because i had a baby, that doesn't mean i need to stop making my own work. well, actually, that's exactly what it meant for the first seven plus months... i mean, i made a BABY.

now that he sleeps (kind of) through the night, i have a few hours, between dinner and snoring, to retreat to my art room and begin again. i just completed a simple banner of pennants for a friend's family photography shoot. Tracy Heyman is usually behind the lens snapping photographs of families-- her family and so many others'. she decided to have another photographer take the reigns for a change and she needed a prop. thank goodness she requested my help; my poor sewing machine must have thought i had left it for dead in the basement ;( . this is what i made:

the back side is comprised of my signature chalkboard painted canvas, and is rewritable. the entire operation was a new take on some of my pennants from renegade last year.

rediscovering some of my collected (hoarded?) fabrics rekindled sleepy (rip van winkle-sleepy) project ideas and has my brain all abuzz. depleting the very last few inches of some of my old favorites inspired me to purchase even more fabric just today at a craft bazaar.

i am not even going to say, "keep checking back for project updates!" because it may just be another 7 months. teething is next.