Monday, August 13, 2012

papersatchel goes global

these two custom planters just found a new canada!   you never know who will find you online! it's always thrilling to work with new friends who have specific requests. unfortunately, she wanted an elephant planter, and my zoo of existing animal planters only housed one sad green elephant that was cracked beyond repair.

don't you know, the week after i completed and sent my guys off to canada, i found the most perfect white elephant. i knew it would house my sister's 'moving to italy' parting gift, so i was ecstatic.

...and for my amazingly talented nephew, i sewed a custom art roll-up to house crayons, colored pencils and water colors for impromptu memory making. perfect for the 8.5 hour flight to rome, or for capturing the light during a leisurely roman adventure.

to my dearest sister (best friend), nephew and brother-in-law, so long. it is bittersweet to wish you bon voyage, but i am so going to visit.