Thursday, July 30, 2009

some day.

visit this site when you need inspiration.

visit this store when you need a quick road trip!

i have yet to go, saving it for a rainy day. anyone want to come?


no, not me, silly. my mom is married now! she and her cutie had the most beautiful and joyful beach ceremony and reception last weekend. i made the boutonnieres for the boys.

i am working on so many fun projects right now: our wedding invitations! some fixtures and decor for a friend's patisserie, cards for another friend's patisserie, and there are so many things i should be working on right now but i am not: stockings for my etsy shop, terrariums for my etsy shop, goods in general for my etsy shop.

there is always next week!

Friday, July 17, 2009

one year!

today i am celebrating becoming engaged one year ago to my sweetheart. so far, it has been the best year of my life. i am working on a card...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

another addiction.

i may be addicted to watching items on ebay.

right now i have my eye on:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

projectville, u.s.a.

after digesting the whirlwind that was the ART STAR CRAFT BAZAAR, and my first participation in any art/craft show, i was very pleased with the process and the outcome.

collaborating on a shared space with my dear friend kohli of k.flick i enjoyed the entire wonderful experience... from our morning munchkin runs to our dolly-wheeling evening pack-ups.
my art room suffered, but felt a bit lighter after purging hoarded antiques and other supplies used in my light sculptures, terrariums and planters and stationery.

calling cards, pet shop outfitting and other goods and services.

over the last few months i have worked on some freelance projects...
on a smaller scale, i have been tinkering away on personal stationery for friends, and on my first series of cards to sell in a local patisserie...

and in the large scale spectrum, because my dear friend owns a pet supply boutique and moved into a sassy new spot, i supplied her with some fixtures and a new sign. while working on my front sidewalk, i became a bit more intimate with my passing neighbors.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

right now...

... i am loving...
i purchased a mustard yellow knitted cord from knitknit at the art star craft bazaar.... now, what should i do with it?